100% Justin bieber<3
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Justin and Big Sean at the set of ALAYLM music video


another picture from justin’s Billboard photoshoot






Did you guys hear this story? A girl went to Justin’s concert, and after… She got raped. She was crying in the street for 3 days, all she had was 1O dollars, couldn’t find her way home, her parents thought she was in a hotel.
They went looking for her, the girl finally found a way home when her dad told her that her mom has been killed in a car accident. The story went out on twitter & Justin met her and she told him the story and they cried together. They also went to dinner
together and Justin is paying psycological support.
THIS is why I will never stop loving him.

He’s crying :’(

i’m not the biggest justin fan, nor am i a bieber blog, but this is impossible to not reblog. i am so proud of him after seeing this, this makes me feel mushy inside okay. i have gained so much respect for him, and i’m proud to see this .

This boy is amazing



god bless u

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